Featured in: Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Solution Providers. We thank our esteemed clients for their continued support.

About Softcon

Why We are Different

Softcon Business Solutions believes in building long lasting relations and bonds with it's customers which is achieved through high responsiveness and commitment. Softcon has 95% plus customer retention, which gives even more confidence to it's prospective customers. Softcon not only provides software, but also provides Value creation by giving business solutions to make every company a high performance business.

We are featured as one of “The 10 Most Trusted Retail Solution Providers” in the industry today.

We also emphasize a lot on the implementation process post the purchase of our software, which ensures the success of most of our clients. We constantly thrive to make the implementation process faster and better.

Core Purpose

"To Empower people by providing Innovative Solutions and enabling them to achieve the Next Level."

Core Values

1. Empowerment: Through a healthy learning environment, leadership and accountability.

2. Respecting new ideas & Innovation: Through continuous brainstorming and openess to new ideas.

3. Value Creation: Through building long-term relationships with our clients and being a high performance business.

4. Consistency & Commitment: Through being trustworthy, listening to our customers and delivering according to their needs.

Why Choose Us

We listen to our customers and deliver ever-increasing value in the markets we serve. We empower our customers to live hassle-free by making their business processes independent. We transform new ideas in terms on solution and technology.

What You Get

Our clients receive a wide range of solutions in the form of software, data analytics, business advice and mobile applications. We provide constant support (365 days, 12x7), to ensure smooth implementation and running at the client's end.

Meet The Energy

Every employee at Softcon is motivated to deliver their best to ensure that our customers receive the BEST possible solutions. We encourage our customers to visit our office and understand the way we work, and possibly suggest valuable changes.

Our Happy Clients

Here are some of our extremely successful and satisfied clients.


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